Today ITH Productions Video, “Dancing Thru Life” will be shown at The BeefSteak Luncheon hosted by Fred Astaire Dance Studio. The Video was made to promote the Not for profit organization Dancing Thru Life. The Mission of this organization is: To provide dance programs that promote healthy lifestyles, positive life skills and the confidence for low income youth to succeed. The location is:

B&B Butchers & Restaurant

1814 Washington Avenue

Houston, TX 77007

You can get your tickets to this event by following this link:

“Life Insurance Lottery” is starting to take shape on the Director, Chuck Norfolk’s cutting board. When he’s finished up with the sound sync and rough cut,  Travis Champagne, will be taking over editing to complete the movie do the final cuts. Travis is known in the industry for “Jackdaw, “Sound Of Trains”, ” Native” and several other movies that he’s written, directed, and produced. When Travis is finished with the edit the product will be put into the sound studio for sweetening and any necessary foley work.  Time is irrelevant the most important thing is a fun and entertaining movie.

The “LIFE INSURANCE LOTTERY” is in the can!

Now we move through editing, sound sweeting, color and all the fun that post production has to offer. Thanks to all the cast and crew for making this happen. In this photo post I’m with the talented Brad Potts. What a great guy to work with and fun to pal around with.