ITH Productions has published “Life Insurance Lottery” on VIMEO’s VOD. Just click on the poster and it will take you to the VIMEO page.

Written and Directed by Chuck Norfolk, Executive Producer: Robert M. Reese, Producer: Courtney Sandifer, will proudly present  LIFE INSURANCE LOTTERY, Thursday, April 30,2020 at  7pm CST on VIMEO.  There it will remain for your continued viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy the show.


Filming recitals took place in December and the final edits were completed this week. Here’s a sample of some of the fantastic talent and production work from ITH on live performances.

We are almost there.  Check out this “Teaser”. Thanks to Producer Courtney Sandifer for the edit! Just click the picture.

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Director Chuck Norfolk and fellow producer Courtney Sandifer were quoted in an article in the movie section of Chron:  Houston horror filmmakers share scares independently. You can click here to read the article.

Life Insurance Lottery is still in the editing process. Sound sweetening and scoring are next so,  all in all the movie is progressing nicely. The good news continues with: We are already in discussions for our next film. Stay tuned for future updates.

Today ITH Productions Video, “Dancing Thru Life” will be shown at The BeefSteak Luncheon hosted by Fred Astaire Dance Studio. The Video was made to promote the Not for profit organization Dancing Thru Life. The Mission of this organization is: To provide dance programs that promote healthy lifestyles, positive life skills and the confidence for low income youth to succeed. The location is:

B&B Butchers & Restaurant

1814 Washington Avenue

Houston, TX 77007

You can get your tickets to this event by following this link:

The “LIFE INSURANCE LOTTERY” is in the can!

Now we move through editing, sound sweeting, color and all the fun that post production has to offer. Thanks to all the cast and crew for making this happen. In this photo post I’m with the talented Brad Potts. What a great guy to work with and fun to pal around with.

“Life Insurance Lottery” is well on its way to becoming a full feature movie. It’s been through development, preproduction and it just finished production: now it’s time to move along to postproduction.

The ‘Independent’ film making of this story is truly an amazing process. Away from the corporate industry that just wants to crank out what the industry believes the public wants to see, Indie film making hits that audience that wants the un-sanitized, un-pasteurized, raw material that gets lost in the realm of business round tables and editing room cuts that end up in the proverbial bit bucket.

Here you’ll see a story, written and directed by Chuck Norfolk that has been crafted into a movie over many a cordial get together at coffee shops, local eateries, and simple house get-togethers. I decided to become the Executive Producer on this project when Chuck and I, along with a small crew were up in Shreveport shooting, “Alien Crash Test Sites” for entree into the Louisiana Film Festival. Chuck did such a good job with getting through the script I knew he could do this full feature with no problem. He is truly dedicated to the art and is well respected in the film community. With little more then a handshake we embarked on this journey. I told Chuck he had full artistic throttle in this project without my interference and he ran with the spirit that only Chuck Norfolk could and cranked this movie out!. His wife, Courtney Sandifer, co-producer on this project, has worked tirelessly on making the production happen. So much organization and coordination was left up to her, and while still working her day job and managing her two beautiful children, she came through with flying colors.

I have to say our actors were outstanding, they all brought their A game and took this movie to the next level: Brad Potts, Haley Hussey, Tom Long, Gary Smith, Joe Grisaffi, Chaney Moore, Victoria Yap, Travis Champagne, Roman McPherson, Rob Mungle, Steve Joseph,JP Destefano,and Kenneth Andrews.
All of our crew, whether we were full compliment or a skeleton crew you all rocked it! Ron Greene, Wesley Reis, Chris Mullins (BPJ), Nikki Calhoun, Erin Pierce, Avery Pham, Misty Reed, Kimi Bainter, Steffi Grace Moore, Angelique Ladd, Rose Houston(Pancake), Tina Swain, Josh Pitts, and Manny Mireles. You all were awesome!!! Ron Greene, our DP, worked tirelessly to get coverage and you absolutely did (even at 5:50AM).
Those that supported us in funding and with locations, we could not have done it without you. The sets were upbeat, positive, and I know Chuck will hate to admit it, we had fun!
I want to thank everybody that was involved in this production. I hope you felt that you were an integral part of this process and most of all you were respected on set. If it weren’t for you we would not have gotten this far. I would love to work with each and every one of you again and I hope that happens in the not to distant future.
I look forward to the postproduction editing and the future screening of “Life Insurance Lottery”. I know the effort we put into making this film will shine in the refection of the silver screen. Thank you all again!

So the challenge is to produce a Promo for a Non Profit organization before May 6,2018. I’ve been working closely with Elizabeth Porter from “Dancing Thru Life” on Shotlist, Interview Questions, Scripting, and Storyline. I have a couple of volunteers to help out on the shoot, so hopefully we’ll produce an outstanding product with the impact they desire. Everything has to be created from scratch so I can tell you my work is cut out for me. The ideas are flowing and the vibes are great. Can’t wait to start filming the talent.

We have launched our INDIEGOGO page for “Life Insurance Lottery”. It takes as little as $5 dollars to help support this film. Cameras roll in May 2018. Here is a link to the Indiegogo page.A��A�A�Here you see the crew and Producer, Courtney Sandifer, working on the up coming film.